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Sorry about the photo quality. I cook things, I don't photograph them!

Veggie-Explosion Chicken

2 chicken breasts (free-range preferable)
2 orange/red/yellow bell peppers
1/3 C sesame oil/olive oil

2 medium carrots
5-6 good-sized radishes
1/2 C chopped fresh parsley

olive oil
lime juice
1 tsp brown sugar
chili powder
dash of salt
cayenne pepper (optional)
apple cider vinegar

fresh-grated parmesan or romano (optional)

What was that you said? Chicken requires some kind of BBQ sauce or deep-frying to be exciting? Well I don’t mean to insult your poultry intelligence (I would never, for instance, refer to it as “paltry”), but I think you should at least try my latest (really easy) concoction before limiting yourself to such ideas. This dish is a summery, low-carb, brightly colored amalgamation of flavor and nutrients. One could even say an explosion of flavor and nutrients—just not in front of a TSA agent (unless you live with said agent and it’s at home). (more…)


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