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Yes. I have been gone for a long time. You probably thought I stopped making food altogether and my boyfriend and all my other friends have starved!

Fear not, loyal reader! (Don’t worry, I know there’s only one of you.) I am still here. I have not turned into a Philistine. I have not given up the winning fork-and-bowl combination. I had a brief editing stint which made me loathe to look at a computer after spending six hours in a row cruising single-spaced pages of an interminable (1500 pages—seriously) novel for grammatical and stylistic errors. Hence, a failure to post any paths to deliciousness. Mea culpa.

Moving on, then, to the crucial questions in life, such as: What can one do with eight pounds of strawberries? Yes, you read that right. Eight pounds. During my recent stint of “funemployment” I have engaged in so many enjoyable activities that I wish the world weren’t full of greedy bastards who have somehow convinced us that a 40-hour workweek is required to make our country successful. (In case you suspect that such a time requirement actually be necessary, consider the following questions: How many people do you know who work fulltime and are ACTUALLY WORKING for forty hours each week; AND If Wallstreet bankers are busting their tails for up to eighty hours a week and THIS is the result, then maybe we need to realign our expectations with reality. Just saying.)

Before you stop reading, allow me to jump straight to the fun part! (Sadly, Craig couldn’t provide his magical photography skills for this post, seeing as he wasn’t present at the event and something tells me he doesn’t want to remake everything shown above. )



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