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Dirty Cookies

Yup. The title of this post pretty much says it all. Don’t believe me? Check out the picture:

Got caffeine? (Don’t complain about picture quality. Craig’s still on baby-hiatus, but he’ll be back.)

See? Those look nasty, huh? They are: nasty GOOD! I got the idea from a handy little margarita cookie recipe, and just kind of winged it. As per my usual. Stop pretending to be surprised. The margarita cookies are good, by the way, but I like my version a lot because they’re more of an adult cookie. Not overly sweet, but definitely full of flavor. REAL conversation between me and my friend Skipper after he tried one:

Skipper: “This is the best cookie I’ve had.”
Me: “What, today? This week?”
Skipper: “No, ever. I don’t like super sweet cookies—in fact I usually don’t eat cookies—but this one is really good.”

So there you have it. How could you not make these cookies after reading that?



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