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My dad is still the grillmaster in my mind, even though I haven’t lived with my parents for nearly a decade and I have a lot of friends who are very good at grilling. The grill was just always on in the summer when I was a kid, and the magical foods that came from it made a permanent impression on me.

So when I went to visit my parents last week, I couldn’t believe he would let ME come up with a recipe, while he would still do most of the work. I chose as my main ingredients the half-pineapple chilling in the fridge and my dad’s (SUPER EXCITING AND COLORFUL AND I WANT MY OWN) pepper garden out back. That’s right. The man has a fenced-off garden of pepper pots on risers with his own homemade sprinkler system to water it. The variety of spice and color in that pepper jungle is making my mouth water. Anyway, this recipe kind of came up with itself. The resulting grilltime was fun and relaxing at the same time. And, not surprisingly, the results were definitely worth repeating:

Did I mention he also likes to take pictures while standing on chairs for a good camera angle? This picture features grilled salmon and a glass of wine (behind the lens).



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