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A Night of Abject Failure

Hello, Friends.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that a very large majority of the posts on this blog are about successes in the kitchen. As we all know, this is not how the world works. Sometimes, we fail. Sometimes we fail more than once. And sometimes that story is funnier than the preceding victories. This one’s for you folks with a little bit of the Schadenfreude. You know who you are.

I was feeling pretty positive about my chances of having a good weekend today. I was sure that I’d built up enough good karma giving 8 of my classmates free lunch (as it turns out, such things are real!) and then topping off the bucket of positivity by finding a wallet that a girl had just dropped and calling out her name in the middle of the street to give it back to her. All true. To me this means maybe today something good will happen to me. Like maybe I will make delicious, delicious rugelach successfully. And then eat it.

The night started off innocently enough. I made stuffed peppers for dinner with sausage and rice and chopped serrano peppers. I was hesitant about chopping the peppers without gloves on because that’s come back to bite me in the past, but it was only two peppers, so I just went with it. Dinner was tasty and full of nutrients. I was so happy with the results that I decided to bake cookies for football-with-friends tomorrow. (Go Blue! What, we’re not playing? Hmmph. Go Blue basketball!)

I had made a pie crust earlier in the evening in anticipation of some kind of baking adventure. (Using this easy recipe.) So I broke out half of it and my trusty tub of Nutella and set about making rugelach. It’s impossibly easy, people. You roll out the pie crust, spread whatever you want on top of it, then cut it into triangles and roll them up. And when “whatever you want” is Nutella, everybody wins. Except people with nut allergies.

Aren’t they just the cutest?



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Before we get started, let’s make one thing clear. It’s pronounced “CUP. PIES.” Not “cuppeez.” (Actually this makes absolutely no difference, but cuppeez doesn’t really capture the seriousness of these sumptuous treats.)

So I came up with this idea. It was a really good idea, guys. Totally original. Definitely a winning flavor combination. I was so proud to think it up that I googled it just to make sure I was the only one smart enough to come up with it.

SURPRISE! It turns out original ideas are hard to come by. Especially when the world has 7 billion people on it, and a couple billion of those people have Internet access. So it seems I wasn’t the first person to think of this, but nobody eating them complained, and I did make up the recipe all by myself. These snacks have a great combination of sweet and savory flavors. They do take a while to come together, but the effort is worth it!

Picture compliments of the talented Tony Sinicropi. Thanks, Tony!


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