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Look, I’m twenty-seven years old. Some people would think that’s too old to continue to be amused by the asparagus-pee phenomenon. Well, in my case, those people would be WRONG! Even if you don’t think it’s funny (which it is), you have to admit that the genetics are cool: it’s a two-way table. Some people can smell it, and some can’t (genetic); some people have it and others don’t (also genetic). Incredible, right?

Anyway, guess what I had for dinner on Thursday night?! You’ll just have to wait to find out.

Sunday: You know… stuff!

Feeling kinda lazy, but (unsurprisingly) quite hungry around dinnertime, I decided to go with the classic: leftovers! Hunkered down on the leftovers from food from earlier in the week, and… forgot to take a picture! I’m sorry. I’m seriously sorry. I am so lame, but that’s just what happens. Sometimes we are lame. And by “we,” I of course mean “me.”


Monday: Still being lazy a day later

OK, I’m not lazy. Tonight I shoved some nachos in my face in my rush to make it to Ultimate practice at 6. Fortunately, I made it on time! Unfortunately, practice started at 8. One would think I could remember an event that happens at the same time every week. But that one would be WRONG! So, since I didn’t take a picture of what I thought would be my pre-dinner snack but ended up being my actual dinner… here is the best comic I’ve ever come across about nachos, from XKCD:




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