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Alright, so it turns out that once you fall off the wagon, it’s hard to get back on. My picture-of-dinner-every-night experiment was really fun for me, maybe not that exciting for you guys, but life got in the way. I will say I have been both cooking more and eating out more than I did in the past (leftovers tend to go for lunch these days), so sometime soon I’ll post a recap of pictures I took in the interim.

But that’s not what today is about. Today is about celebrating a delicious, beautiful, tender leafy green: baby bok choy. Because I don’t grow my own bok choy, I have no idea if Baby Bok Choy is actually the younger version of the grown-up thing, or if it’s a different plant species, but it tastes lemony and wonderful and can be eaten all by itself. Also performs nicely in a quesadilla, if you’re into that. And yesterday I decided to make a soup out of it. Yayyyyyy soup!

I didn't have the presence of mind to take a picture while the chicken stock was still IN the jar, but this is what I put into the soup, minus light seasonings.

I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a picture while the chicken stock was still IN the jar, but this is what I put into the soup, minus light seasonings.



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More gourds!

That’s right. Another recipe involving fall foods. Well, guess what? It’s fall, and butternut squash was on sale at Kroger yesterday for $.39/pound, so that’s what you get.

On the bright side this soup, while unplanned, tastes really darn good. And there’s plenty for leftovers!

Note: This recipe can easily be halved, but why would you do that? Quantities shown below give enough soup to feed 10 people a substantial amount, or have a lot for leftovers! Handily, squash soup can be frozen and reheated and still taste just fine!

Note #2: The following may seem like a lot of steps, dishes, utensils, or ingredients compared to what I usually go for. This is not an illusion. This recipe is really simple, but does require a small amount of elbow grease and spice-cabinet variety. Don’t let that dissuade you from trying it though! Your guests/family will like it, and the sheer amount of leftovers merits the effort. See?

Look at all that autumn contained in one little bowl!

Note #3: Hold on, now! I’ll get to the recipe in a minute, but this is important. The recipe calls for chicken. And chicken broth. Neither is required—I am certain veggie stock would be just fine for this purpose if you are vegetarian. If you do use chicken, however, the poaching method I’ve linked to is absurdly easy and produces as much chicken as you want which you can then freeze and use later for other great things like quesadillas or fried rice!

Note #4: I know, I know. You’re getting pissed with all the waiting. Well too bad, because I call the shots here. I’m the decider, darnit! Anyway, if you notice the asterisks next to all the spices, that’s because I of course did not measure them. I estimated. Important: do not oversalt this complexly flavored soup. If your diners like really salty food, they can easily add it themselves, but salt is something you cannot take out once you’ve added it, because it dissolves. Which reminds me of an awesome science joke that I will probably relate (surely to your dismay) at some point in the future.

Now, then: soup!


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