Look, I’m twenty-seven years old. Some people would think that’s too old to continue to be amused by the asparagus-pee phenomenon. Well, in my case, those people would be WRONG! Even if you don’t think it’s funny (which it is), you have to admit that the genetics are cool: it’s a two-way table. Some people can smell it, and some can’t (genetic); some people have it and others don’t (also genetic). Incredible, right?

Anyway, guess what I had for dinner on Thursday night?! You’ll just have to wait to find out.

Sunday: You know… stuff!

Feeling kinda lazy, but (unsurprisingly) quite hungry around dinnertime, I decided to go with the classic: leftovers! Hunkered down on the leftovers from food from earlier in the week, and… forgot to take a picture! I’m sorry. I’m seriously sorry. I am so lame, but that’s just what happens. Sometimes we are lame. And by “we,” I of course mean “me.”


Monday: Still being lazy a day later

OK, I’m not lazy. Tonight I shoved some nachos in my face in my rush to make it to Ultimate practice at 6. Fortunately, I made it on time! Unfortunately, practice started at 8. One would think I could remember an event that happens at the same time every week. But that one would be WRONG! So, since I didn’t take a picture of what I thought would be my pre-dinner snack but ended up being my actual dinner… here is the best comic I’ve ever come across about nachos, from XKCD:


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Lucky Week 13

Sunday: Travel and KFC

I don’t even know the girls in this picture I took (although I think they’re from the U of Indiana women’s Ultimate team), but this is what I was doing on Sunday morning. Wearing a LOT of winter clothes, hanging out in the cold and running through the mud after a Frisbee.

This couch was the only place to sit down within half a mile of where we playing Ultimate, other than in a mud puddle.

This couch was the only place to sit down within half a mile of where we played, other than in a mud puddle.

We had an absolute blast. For those of you unfamiliar with this college sport, the only way you really get to compete is by traveling to tournaments during the SPRING (given this information, you’d be amazed how many Northeastern schools have good teams), playing for 10 to 12 hours between Saturday and Sunday, and driving home while everyone smells bad. Also, tournament food is usually something like gigantic tubs of peanut butter and jelly, bagels, and pallets of bananas. While Chicago Invite had all those offerings, they ALSO had Ramen and hot water. I did not partake of this, but the undergrads were extremely excited about it. I would say my biggest accomplishment of the weekend was not falling asleep in the car ride on the way home.

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Week 12!

I am late posting this. I realize it makes me look like a huge slacker. But, as you will see below, I spent Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon in Chicago (well, the burbs of Chicago) playing Ultimate until I was covered in mud and could barely stand up. And then I had to catch up on work AND homework. But don’t worry, that didn’t keep me from eating dinner! So here we are, slightly late but just as happy.

Sunday: St. Patty’s Day!

Today, as you likely know, is St. Patrick’s Day. Traditionally, American kids get drunk as hell and make jokes about Irish stuff we don’t know anything about.

Well, today, lucky me, I got to go to WORK! So I had to skip the traditional part, but I did get to make Irish-ish food for dinner! I went the shepherd’s pie route since I had leftover mashed potatoes, and it was an excellent choice. First you make a meat pie:

This is the base for shepherd's pie. And fullness.

This is the base for shepherd’s pie. And fullness.

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Best Lunch

Not a weekly update, for once! This is a lunch I started making for myself over the summer when I wasn’t working, and I can tell you straightforwardly that I MUCH prefer making my own lunch than making my own dinner. I don’t know why, but it just feels refreshing to get behind the wheel (OK, stovetop) and whip up something tasty in a few minutes during lunchtime. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent fewer than 8 or 9 hours at work before the cooking.

In today’s case, I was only at work for four hours before I escaped to come home, just in time for lunch. So I went back to my summertime staple, which takes about 10 minutes of prepwork, and about 30 seconds of eating work because you take one bite and then immediately shove it into your mouth as fast as possible because it’s too good to hold back:

This. Compact, excellent flavor combinations.

This. Compact, excellent flavor combo.

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Sunday: Taco Kings & Cupcakes!

I don't use box mixes anymore. Because adding chocolate savings to a homemade recipe is so much better!

I don’t use box mixes anymore. Because adding milk-chocolate shavings to a homemade recipe is so much better!

Today we watched the U of M/Indiana basketball game and ordered Taco King. Oh, yeah, and I made cupcakes. A LOT of cupcakes. So I made all these cupcakes to test out a mocha whipped-ganache frosting recipe. Well, it worked. My friends liked them, my boyfriend liked them, his little cousins liked them… overall a great success. I managed to take a picture of the cupcakes, pre-frosted. However, I was so distraught over our last-minute DEVASTATING LOSS to Indiana that I forgot to take a picture of our delicious tacos. Just know that they were everything I hope for in a taco. Continue Reading »